Erfoud the full heart of the desert

Erfoud is the capital of Tafilalet, located in the palm grove in the South East of Morocco at the feet of the high Atlas in the valley of the Ziz river and on the road to kasbahs . The city is dominated by mountains where the fortress is located on the East Borj
This historic city was a crossroads between caravans from black Africa and the one from the north, hence its original name « Arrifoud » which means the action of placing a load of goods.
Erfoud constitutes a tourist attraction in terms of Saharan tourism. Subsequently, the components of the city’s ecosystem ’ arid pre-desert environment, sandstone ,green valleys ) made it a Prince of Persia film production site, La Mumie ……
Erfoud is home to the Datts Festival every October . It is celebrated with many events full of colors and Berber tradition.

Erfoud’s ideal position allows it to radiate in the southern region of Morocco and d ’ explore its riches :

  • Ksar de Maadid
  • Exploration of the Merzouga desert
  • Dromedary-backed, horsebacked, quad-shaped, velos-shaped, 4X4
  • Tea with a Bedouine family
  • Shopping: Local crafts
  • Rissani and the souk
  • Small typical restaurants for tasting dishes in the region .
  • Trekking in Merzouga
  • Sand bath in Merzouga
  • Fossils


Maadid is the largest ksar in southern Morocco. A charming village of traditional architecture in fortified peak on the road to miles kasbah.



30 km from Erfoud is the impressive sand dunes in Merzouga .Place renowned for its highest dunes in the kingdom and the most attractive in the region, especially for adventure tourism and Saharan tourism. An exceptional experience. Hikes in the Sahara are available on site :

  • Attend the sunset or the rising sun to contemplate the magic scene and admire the changing color of the sand dunes.
  • The place offers multiple activities: ride on the back of dromedary, meharassed over several days, buggy ride in 4 × 4 or on a motorcycle or quad , sand therapy in summer ( or sand bath ), overnight in a tent with a campfire show.


17 KM south of Erfoud is the city of Rissani . Cradle and former capital of the Alaouite dynasty. It welcomes to its precincts: the mausoleum of Moulay Ali Cherif accessible from a sublime portal, decorated with tile and mosaics.
Rissani was an essential trans-Saharan trading station, it was one of the bases of the old caravans crossing the Sahara towards Timbuktu. It remained one of the major shopping centers in the region with a lively souk. This souk is famous for a large selection of aromatic and medicinal plants
Rissani is also known by the culinary specialty: the medfouna a kind of pizza stuffed with meat, almonds and onions, 

Traditional moroccan souvenirs - fossil ammonite shell, trilobites and starfish in shop, Morocco, Africa

Fossil and Marble Workshops

About 14 km towards Merzouga are several fossil deposits.
About 500 million years ago during the Paleozoic era the Erfoud desert was under the sea .
The city is renowned for its unique marine fossils: coiled goniatitis, trilobites, orthocers, ammonites, nautiles, crinoids, crocodiles, dinosaurs, shark teeth, crocodiles,
Erfoud artisans specialize in extraction and polishing to cut tables, sinks, ashtrays, plates ….

The East Borj

Fortress which dominates the city, offers a magnificent view of the palm groves: from the top of this rock which dominates both the city and the surrounding oases, the view is absolutely superb ! Tizimi’s palm grove stretches as far as the eye can see along the Ziz and Rheris wadis. In the distance we can see the first sand dunes, tinged with pink when the sun goes down. A moment of pure magic and deep serenity…


The Celestial staircase, the golden spiral, city of anion

About 25 km are real gems of architectural contemporary art in the middle of the desert. These works are found in the middle of the Marha plateau, between Goulmima and Erfoud . Monumental works by German artist Hannsjoerg Vot .The artist was inspired by local traditions in collaboration with artisans in the region.